Wooohooooo, it's finally here ;oD

Welcome to

A COSMIC sized gratitude to:

  • My collaborator… MARK JOHNS, for his omnipresence, throughout the writing, recording, and producing of this album and without whom none of this would have been possible.
  • JOHN BARRON for designing and bringing this website to life!
  • LEESA GENTZ of the inspirational HUSSY HICKS for the stunning album and website artwork… for being two of my favourite musicians and the coolest tour companions on the planet ;o) xxx…,
  • NICK TAYLOR, SANDY SOLOMON, KENNY MERIEDETH and DAVID JAMES for their Studios, Wizardry and Hospitality… ;oD
  • All the amazing MUSICIANS who lent their imagination and talent to the making of this album…
There will be a mini-tour and regular acoustic gigs in N1 London.. watch this space for details and updates and if you feel like it, drop me an email and say hi :oD

But most importantly…

Thank You - for your all your support… I couldn't have done this without you… Dana :o)