"Have you ever had your soul unlocked by the gentlest of caresses…? Like butterfly wings draped in honey fluttering to try to pry open an already blistering wound… It is such an excruciatingly glorious pain that you welcome it… like respite from deep tragedies that cannot even be defined…

"That is what you experience upon hearing the first painfully exquisite strings of the guitar on Dana Kerstein's 'Ghost'… It is the strumming of a soft, yet cutting hand that soothes the tortuous longing of a solitary existence. Like a glass of robust red wine that drowns and sustains a heavy soul, making you feel less alone. The lyrics and the melody of 'Ghost' are so divinely married that to take them individually would be an injustice of the highest calibre. The words wash over you like a virulent ocean searching for the calming shore… And the music… the music anchors the literal sentiment in such a way that it brings a celestial majesty to earth… This is the magic, the wonder of 'Ghost'. A song that has become an instant sobering hit in Spain where the dramedy that employed it did so without thought to the amazing journey it would begin for the aritsts behind the miracle. It will forever be attached now to the wondrous love story between two women that has unintentionally defined a generation of lovers -- of either, and all sexes. It is the magic created by Dana Kerstein & her co-creator Mark Johns. The songwriters also declaring themsleves almost irrelevant to the blessing that is the song.

"Kerstein's honest, brutal lyrics might speak of a sadness beyond definiton, but in conjuction with Johns's wondrous tune, it speaks of nothing short of hope. In the the beauty that is life… that is love… beyond any definition. Beyond any musical notes… and the limiting alphabet that comprises prose.  How is it that every word sung is like a pregnant raindrop expelling the birth of a thousand dreams? Do you know what it's like to be washed clean?
Stop. Be silent. Listen… to 'Ghost'."

M. Ortigas - Journalist